Owner Benefits
• Peace of mind
• Guilt free alternative
• A tired, happy dog at the end of the day
• A place for your baby when you are selling your home, renovating, or working long hours
• A fun and stimulating place to leave your dog while you shop or workout.

Doggie Daycare

    Doggie Benefits
• No more separation anxiety
• Builds social confidence
• Energy outlet
• Curbs destructive home behavior
• Constant love and attention
• Well balanced dog
• Better manners
• New doggie friends
• Mental stimulation and much more


Doggie Daycare

We provided group play for small, medium and large dogs in our indoor bark park. We also have a small dog area just for the more tiny and timid dogs. They enjoy having their own space to play with toys. We take pride in making sure your dog is happy and healthy. We believe in giving dogs what they need and love – Socialization, Play, Exercise and Naps when they need them, along with a lot of love from humans in our irresistible open indoor play bark park environment.

Flying High Pet Resort is not your ordinary doggie daycare. Imagine a place for your dog that is the equivalent to your favorite Spa, Gym and Resort. We enjoying spoiling your dog. It's our goal to make sure they have everything they need. You and your Dog are family to us. We will always treat both of you with love and respect.  

We defuse lavender Essential oils to create a peaceful environment during relaxing rest time. Chill Music to calm. We have soft beds to lounge on. Dog's love our exercise play equipment to help get their wiggles and wags out. It provides a great work out for their muscle like a doggie gym. We have lots of Bone and Paw shaped pools to splash in when its hot outside to keep them cool and hydrated. We run our Huge life size Fan's and we open our roll up doors when the weather permits. It's all about keeping them entertained and comfortable. 

We keep Our Resort clean and safe for our pet families. We want only the healthiest environment for your dog. The best thing of all is our loving trained staff to care for your dogs every need. We also work on manners and we are a daycare that is completely crate-free, no imposed nap-time here! Dogs nap on their own time during the day when they are ready. If your interested in joining Our Pet family and becoming part of Our pack. Please fill out an online application. We will call you to set up an evaluation date and time as soon as we receive your application. Just go to our Dog Application page. All dogs must be social, up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered if over the age of six months. We look forward to meeting you and your dog and welcoming them to our pet family.

Doggy Day Care Prices 

Hourly Doggy Day Care
$5.00 an Hour (Up to 4 hours) 
Social Playtime

Full Day of Doggy Day Care
Social Playtime with dogs and humans.

Second Dog in same family - 
Full Day of Doggy Day Care

Third Dog in same family - Full Day of Doggy Day Care

*Daycare Pass Program  (Daily Discount)

First Class Daycare Pass
5 Days Pre Paid Daycare Pass (
$25.00 Savings)

Second Dog in Same Family - First Class Daycare Pass
5 Days Pre Paid Daycare Pass
($50.00 Savings)

First Class Daycare Pass
10 Days Pre Paid Daycare Pass
($50.00 Savings)

Second Dog Same Family - First Class Daycare Pass
10 Days Pre Paid Daycare Pass
( $100.00 Savings) 

Add on services

Medication Given During Daycare


Feed Lunch During Daycare
$2.00 a Feeding