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Cat Boarding
Flying High Pet Resort
Flying High Pet Resort
Where All Dogs & Cats Fly First Class.

Flying High Pet Resort proudly supports animal rescue groups, shelters and charities. We have gladly foster dogs and have had adoptable dogs staying here until we find them a loving home.

We offer a variety of Boarding options -- from a private First Class suite, to individual Business Class suites, and Coach & Snuggle up a Community small dog sleepover area for those dogs who want to sleep with a Friend.

Our "First Class Suite" accommodation consists of The Penthouse Suites complete with Twin bed, Cozy Comforter,Our Largest rooms -- All the luxuries of home.  

Our "Business Class" destination suites with Crib size beds, and comfy bedding. 10"X 9 " Size for larger dogs or a family of dogs.

Our " Coach" destination suites with raised cots and comfy bedding. 8" x 5" size for small to  large dogs.

Our "Cat Suite" . Our New "Cat Room"
We have one large beautiful room just for your kitty.  A Special room with cat scratching posted and climbing trees. Your Cat will love it. For 1 single cat or a family of cats.

We want your Dog and Cat to be the most comfortable and happy it can be!

Your dog's safety is our primary concern. Evaluations are done on all dogs before allowed to join daycare and boarding. All dogs must be social. All dogs and cats must be up to date on vaccinations. All of the adult dogs enjoy a fun, yet structured, day under the constant supervision of our trained staff. Our play area is securely contained on all sides and staff enter and exit with dogs through a double set of doors, The general public has no access to the dogs at any time.

Dog Boarding
Doggie Daycare

Do you have these Doggie Dilemmas?

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog alone?

Do you rush home after work to walk your dog?

Does your dog get destructive or depressed when he/she is alone?

Does your dog like to play with other dogs and interact with people?

Are your neighbors complaining about your dog barking when you're not home?

Do you have a trip planned and want a safe and fun place to leave your dog while you're gone?

Do you have a hard time keeping up with your dog's grooming needs?


Flying High Pet Resort ......

is your answer to these challenges!!

Dog Boarding

Play all Day with your Doggie friends

We don't put your dog in a run or a cage. Instead they play with us and their new doggie friends all day long. Chasing bubbles.Eating frozen treats. Playing in a small pool on hot days.Getting lots of love from people who truly care.  

During the day the younger more active dogs play hard and then take a short nap to rejuvenate. The older more mature dogs pace themselves. often taking naps in the sun.

  About Us

We are a family Owned Pet Business. I have 1 Rescue Boston Terrier named Darla and A Desert Tortoise named Squirt. My family has cared for animals all our lives. As a child I grew up with Dobermans, Rag Doll Cats and many farm animals. I have been in the Pet care field since 2004. My Daughter/ Manager Natasha loves her Maltese  Emma. Emma is in a wheelchair, but it doesn't seem to slow her down. You can find Emma running with the pack daily. Natasha also has two kitty Cat's named Shiloh and June bug. Care and comfort matter to us as much as it matters to you and your pets. When you’re away, we don’t want you to have the slightest worry – though we’re sure your treasured companions will  stay in  your thoughts. Give us a call. We would be more then happy to give you an update on your beloved  family member.

Flying High Pet Resort is located in Camarillo, off the 101 freeway between Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara. Our 7,500 square foot spacious facility is an indoor, temperature-controlled environment. When weather permits, numerous windows and roll-up doors throughout the facility provide fresh air and an outdoor feeling.  A.C and Heating are available. We have a large Doggie daycare area that allows all dogs to play together. We also offer a small dog play area for the more mellow and calm breeds. Each dog enjoys playtime in a supervised, stimulating, and safe environment. Our professional staff is present to ensure that your dog receives the first class attention he or she deserves. Check out our new Cat Quarters.We have 1 large fun room just for your kitty.